At 109 Wine our goal and ambition is to make Thanksgiving easy

Thanksgiving 2017

It’s that time of year again! At 109 Wine, our goal and ambition is to make Thanksgiving as easy – and enjoyable – as possible. Let us help you build a perfect case of Thanksgiving wines to work with whatever food you’re serving. That being said:

  • Don’t try to please everyone. Pick wines that work with the food, and let people settle into whatever they’re comfortable with. We recommend a sparkling wine, rosé, and lighter and heavier options for both red and white.
  • Champagne is often overlooked but do not doubt the deliciousness of a bottle of Tarlant or Drappier Brut Nature with roasted turkey – it is sensational – as well as being versatile and food-friendly.
  • Lighter dishes work well with rosé, sauvignon blanc, Chablis or riesling; heavier dishes work well with Beaujolais, Italian, and Rhone wines.

Some of our favorite picks for Thanksgiving this year:


André Clouet Silver NV (Champagne)Crisp, racy, & bright, with tangy minerals and hidden notes of delicious brioche. Pair with white meats and lighter side dishes.


Prevostini Chiavennasca 2016 (Lombardy, Italy)What can you say, except “wow”. This rosé is light, delicate, and crisp, yet offers enough backbone to hold up to the richness of Thanksgiving food. Notes of rose, tart cherries, & just a pinch of cinnamon, with a long, alluring finish. This will work throughout the meal.                                                                                 


Ruhlmann Riesling 2016 (Alsace, France)Fresh; aromas of pear, pineapple, & quince. Energetic, with smooth, silky texture. Great floral flavors on the palate. Traditional style.


Hopler Pinot Blanc 2016 (Burgenland, Austria) – A bit denser than the Ruhlmann riesling; great minerals and acid on the palate, with flavors of crisp green apple and underripe pear. Zesty, youthful, and great with almost everything. A great crowd pleaser and supremely versatile.



Jaffelin Pinot Noir 2014 (Burgundy, France)Light and elegant. Classic red fruit profile on the nose, with a tasteful amount of baking spices. Great with green beans, light pastas, & roasted white meat.

Alexana Pinot Noir 2015 – (Willamette Valley, Oregon)A step up in expression. A blend of pinot noir from all over the Willamette Valley yields this perfect representation of Oregon. Approachable & delicious, with enough energy to hold up to all but the richest dishes. The fruit is just a touch richer on this wine.

Domaine Harmand-Geoffroy Gevrey-Chambertin 2014 (Cote D’Or, Burgundy)For the Burgundy lover, from a producer going back to the 1890s. A powerful, energetic wine that’s effortlessly balanced. A masterful demonstration of all the 2014 vintage had to offer, with a bit of that wild, unrestrained earth that draws people to Gevrey-Chambertin, framed by brilliant red fruit. Drinking exceptionally well. The most refined of the pinot noirs mentioned here.

Chanrion Cote-de-Brouilly 2016 (Beaujolais, France)Another classic & traditional French red. This is a great example of the 2016 vintage and offers major food compatibility. Fresh and fruity, with aromas of red & black summer berries, and just a hint of pepper & spice. Good palate presence, and simply tasty. This one works with all your savory dishes, while also not overwhelming your palate with tannin or oak.

Bolmida Barbera D’Alba 2015 (Piedmont, Italy)Maybe our biggest hit of the fall season. A tremendous wine that is without parallel for food friendliness. Expressive red & dark fruit, earth, plums, and figs. Solid body, and great sense of self. Refined, unctuous, & clear, this wine again will work with heartier, savory dishes like sweet potato souffle, casseroles, and of course, stuffing.

Henri Bonnaud Palette Rouge 2011 (Palette, Southern Rhone Valley)A wine with power and structure that retains its clarity, balance, freshness, and terroir. A traditional Rhone blend makes an utterly satisfying red, with great aromas of dark fruit, minerals, figs, and violet flowers. This wine will work for all but the lightests dishes you’re serving this year, but to me, is calling out for roasted meats with savory herbs.

Come on in on Saturday a taste a little Torre Maggiore – Wine & Beer Notes 10-27-17

Come on in on Saturday a taste a little Torre Maggiore with Brett at 109 Wine.

We will have a sampling of cheese too!



Torre Maggiore 2010 (Umbria) A classic Italian red.

Generations ago, Giorgio Lanzetta brought down Montepulciano plantings from his native Abruzzo to the hills surrounding the mountain of Torre Maggiore. The result is a unique expression of both terroir and Montepulciano grapes.

Notes of rich red and black berries, plum, leather, and earth, with a subtle note of iron and mint. Balanced, with a great finish and distinct earth flavors on the mid palate.

Great with grilled or roasted meats.

Cheese pairing, Pleasant Ridge Reserve




New Holland Dragon’s Breath

A serious beer, not for the faint of heart! An Imperial Stout that sees some time in bourbon barrels, for added toastiness and a creamy texture. The oak smell abounds from the glass, with plenty of bitter chocolate, figs, vanilla, and wood. For such a burly style, this brew has balance and still keeps the crispness high to cut out the rich flavors from the malts. Wonderful with heartier foods like streaks, and stinky cheeses like Oma or Gubbeen from our cheese shop.


Ommegang Witte

A craft witte from Cooperstown, NY. A straightforward and delicious Belgian-style ale with wheat, sweet orange peel, and coriander brewed in. A lighter beer, this one is floral and grassy with the usual citrus notes. It has just a hint of spice which makes this beer excellent with BBQ or curry dishes.



Breckenridge Brewery Nitrobrew Vanilla Porter

A new take on a classic brew. A dark beer with a bear black liquid and a dense foam head. The use of nitrogen brewing has rendered this porter extra smooth and silky. Notes of milk chocolate, malt, a hint of roast, and above all, vanilla are present in this beer. Right now, drinking at the perfect spot between sweet and bitter. Try this with some Delice de Bourgogne for an added treat.


Sixpoint Resin Double IPA

An insanely bitter and hoppy beer, also for the bold! Featuring Centennial and Chinook hops up front which deliver loads of pine and resin aromas, this beer is serious and will slap you around with its complex hop bouquet. Put this ultra-sharp beer with a sharp cheddar, like Avonlea or Montgomery to match the aromas of the hops.


Von Trapp Brewery Dunkel Lager

Von Trapp’s darkest year round beer however, looks can be deceiving. Dunkel features notes of chocolate, pumpernickel bread, and a certain nuttiness with a full malt back bone. Contrary to its dark color, this beer finishes crisp and clean with a round hop flavor. It has a lovely texture that coats the tongue but the effervescence washes the palate clean for a refreshing drink that pulls you back. Pair this with Gruyere or Emmenthaler.

Wine Tasting Saturday 10/14 at 109 Wine with Alessandro Peirano of Vinifera Imports

Alessandro Peirano of Vinifera Imports will be pouring some of his favorite and Spectacular Italian Wines.

Join us this Saturday, October 14th from 12-3 in our newly renovated wine store in Ridgefield. Alessandro, a true gentleman and wine lover, will share some of his favorite wines and stories.  We will also have a wonderful sampling of cheeses to compliment the selected wines.  Hope to see you Saturday.

Saturday, October 7th 12-3pm Jim Morrison – Artisan Wines

Saturday, October 7th 12-3pm
Jim Morrison – Artisan Wines
Taste some of the more amazing wines with Jim Morrison. What could possible be better?

Come and enjoy some great conversation and wines with Jim Morrison.  A true renaissance man, Jim lives wine and wine related travel. His love for Nebbiolo and champagne is second to none!

See you Saturday in our expanded Ridgefield wine store 12-3

Wine Tasting with Alessandro Peirano of Vinifera Wine 12-3pm Saturday, June 17th Ridgefield

Alessandro Peirano
of Vinifera Wine

Saturday, June 17th

The Wines

Barberani Orvieto Catagnolo 2014

Prá Soave Classico 2015

Dante Rivetti Barbera D’Alba 2014

Canalicchio Rosso di Montalcino 2013



A 5 year Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

“Grand Reserva”