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Wine Tasting Saturday 10/14 at 109 Wine with Alessandro Peirano of Vinifera Imports

Alessandro Peirano of Vinifera Imports will be pouring some of his favorite and Spectacular Italian Wines.

Join us this Saturday, October 14th from 12-3 in our newly renovated wine store in Ridgefield. Alessandro, a true gentleman and wine lover, will share some of his favorite wines and stories.  We will also have a wonderful sampling of cheeses to compliment the selected wines.  Hope to see you Saturday.

109 Wine – A little Circumstance, Gunpowder & Basque

Saint of Circumstance Citrus Blonde Ale

$11/4pk (Four 1-pint cans)

A remarkably balanced and refreshing blonde ale. Easy drinking and perfect for the end of summer, this beer hails from Collective Arts Brewing in Ontario, Canada. A base of wheat provides the lemon flavor foundation, with 3 seasonal hops added in for extra taste. A zest of seasonal oranges is added to round out this relaxed ale. Try it with a natural rind cheese like Stilton or Lancashire.


Drumshambo Gunpowder Irish Gin


A truly unique and memorable gin. Brewed in a small Irish village yet instilled with exotic Asian botanicals including gunpowder tea, this gin makes a big mark. It drinks very fresh, bold, and bright, with a nice spiciness. To this day, it is distilled by hand in a medieval pot still. A perfect spirit for a Negroni, along with some of our artisanal vermouths.


Aizpurua Txakolina 2016


A great expression of Spanish Basque terroir. This wine features 100% indigenous grapes and is typical: light, fresh, bright, and very aromatic. It has notes of asparagus, peas, and a pleasant herbaceous quality. Cold-fermented at a controlled temperature, this Txakoli also has a slight effervescence which brings you back to the glass time after time. Pair this with crab cakes with a bit of dill, cayenne, and lemon juice for a real treat.

After a great snowstorm, you should be heading to the slopes this weekend?

After a great snowstorm, you should be heading to the slopes this weekend?

Don’t get stuck without the necessary provisions.

Let us set you up with cheese, Fondue, Raclette, wine, flatbread pizza, 4-pack grilled cheese, soup and more.

Bring us your cooler and we will pack it for you or borrow one of our thermal bags.

You certainly don’t want to be caught without all the goodies do you?

Give us a call and we can arrange easy pickup

Ridgefield 203-438-5757

Kent – 860-592-0366

We now carry a full line of French cookware!

We have put together the perfect gift!

The best omelette pan, outrageously amazing butter from Rodolphe Le Meunier, our favorite olive oil from Italy, Neal’s Yard Dairy Montgomery Cheddar, Stilton, Shropshire Blue, Caffeine & Carburetors Coffee from Zumbach’s Gourmet Coffee, Omnivore Salt and don’t forget the eggs from Ridgefield Organics & Specialty Market. Best part is you all get to enjoy the gift!img_6191-2

109 Cheese Market, Kent is open and it’s a spectacular drive to get there

We are so excited to be in the wonderful town of Kent with our second store! 109 Cheese Market, Kent has all of the goodies from our Ridgefield cheese shop packed into 400 square feet of grape green goodness.  One of the things that we love about Kent is the drive up there.  From Ridgefield, if you take route 37 or route 39 into Sherman and then continue up route 7 through Gaylordsville you are in for a treat. Beautiful New England roads with the perfect 109 lunch destination.  As many of you know, we love vintage cars and love the road-trip and this is a road-trip worth taking!  


109 Kent is located at 14 North Main Street (Route 7) in Kent.

We are open Thursday – Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-5


It’s only cheese in Kent, so grab a bottle of rosé at 109 Wine before you go!



Memorial Day 2015 Cheese & Wine Picks


Our Weekend Cheeses picks

Leonora goat cheese from Leon Spain, we just love this goat with a bloomy rind, its beautiful creamy texture with a citrus and herb zing, is the perfect balance for any cheese board.
Harbison this amazing camembert style cheese from Jasper Hill in Greensboro Vermont has a lovely surprise with it’s spruce ribbon which lends a woodsy sweet note to this ridiculously ooey gooey soft-ripened cheese. You could eat it with a spoon….

Cremeux de Citeaux: A triple-crème cow’s milk cheese featuring an incredibly creamy, thick consistency, this buttery beauty has a bouquet of toasted nuts, mushrooms and truffles, and is delightful paired with fruity white wines or Champagne.

“Stag” a Hoop Cheddar From Deer Creek in Wisconsin. Select vats of cheddar that are chosen for further aging to allow for the development of the intense, bold flavor characteristics of The Stag. It is rugged, driving strong toffee and butterscotch notes, yet possesses a sweet finish. As it ages, The Stag develops a hint of crystalline crunch to further enliven the taste buds with rich texture as well as flavor. The Stag is a true Wisconsin Original. Perfect on any cheese board or topped on any burger. 1st Place winner at the 2013 American Cheese Society competition. Named as one of the “101 Best Cheeses of the Year” by Culture Magazine.
Our favorite burger blue “Chiraboga” from Bavaria . Raw cow’s milk Aged for at least two months, pale white in color and lightly blued, the texture is soft, creamy and moist, with a mild, lightly acid, buttery flavor, sweet and milky, with a lovely blueish note that doesn’t leave a metallic finish. Reminiscent of but not quite as decadent as Gorgonzola Dolce, this is an easy-eating, delicious blue cheese.
Saulnois is the pride of a small creamery in the region of Lorraine, in northeast France, an area that stakes its gastronomic fame largely on quiche lorraine and plum brandy. The Mirabelle plum, a small golden fruit about the size of a large cherry tomato, can be eaten fresh or made into jam, but brandy is its highest and best use. Wheels of Saulnois are washed with this brandy, in texture and aroma, this cow’s milk wheel is similar to alpine cheeses such as Comte and Tomme de Savoie.

Our Weekend Wine picks

Saint Pierre Rosé Brut
– a delicious dry sparkling wine from the south of France. The wine has a beautiful pinkish-salmon hue and delicate flavors of strawberry. $24/bottle.

Gobelsburg Rosé 2014
– An Austrian made rosé from the Zweigelt grape. A hugely successful wine for us last summer has finally arrived and is every bit as delicious as last years bottling.
Pastou Sancerre 2014
– what a value at $20 a bottle! This is a signature expression of French sauvignon blanc. A great summer time white and a classic pairing with goat cheese.

Domaine Schoech Riesling 2012
– this Alsatian riesling is bone dry and loaded with beautiful acidity and flavors of apple and citrus. $29/bottle

Monsecco “Sizzano” 2011
– a blend of nebbioolo, vespolina, and uva rara. This is lush beauty from the Alto Piedmont region of Italy just south of the Dolomite mountain range. It has great texture and layers and layers of vibrant flavors.

Domaine Notre Dame des Pallières “Sablet” 2012
– I love this red blend from the Rhone valley of France. This wine is super-versatile, pair it with burgers, barbecue, or even a cheese board. $20/bottle.

109 Cheesemonger Selection’s Passover / Easter Platters & Wines

109 Cheesemonger Selection’s Holiday Platters
Highlighting our new Spring Favorites
$95 for 10-15 people
$75 for 6-10 people

easter platter

Green Hill Camembert, Sweet Grass Dairy, Georgia
Cow’s milk, buttery creamy, silky, thin edible rind.

Saulnois, Reserve France
Cow’s milk washed in a Mirabelle plum brandy from Lorraine, nutty, sharp, a great melting cheese.

Ashlyn, Spring Brook Farms, Vermont
A new creation from Spring Brook Farms made in the style of Morbier, creamy, supple, milky with a touch of barn yard. Cow’s milk with ash running thru the center.

Ring of Fire, Kings Creamery, Pennsylvania
Goat’s milk shaped in a donut, rolled in a smoked paprika. Slightly creamy, a lovely goat tang and a smokiness from the paprika, a delicious combination.

Ossau Montagne Basque France
Sheep milk from the Pyrenees Mountains during the summer. Affineur Rodolphe le Meunier ensure that the finished cheese is golden, deeply savory and nutty, and a true expression of both the terroir of the Vallee d’Ossau.

Includes grapes & dried fruits
Cheeses can be designed on disposable, compostable wooden platter, one of our artisan Berkboards (rental program) or bring us your favorite platter from home.
Please try and get your orders in as soon as possible so we can make sure you are happy and get your favorite selections.


109 Wine Sommelier picks for Easter & Passover (sorry, Manischewitz)

Some of our Easter / Passover Wine picks: Come on in and see us and we can put together a case. You can always give us a call at the store or email us at for fast and easy pickup.

Château de Brézé, cremant de loire, $23/btl.
– this is a brand new sparkling wine find for us. Drinks like a Blanc de Blanc from Champagne at a third of the price!

Commanderie de Peyrassol Provence Rose ’14, $23/btl.
-A perfect aperitif wine to start off with! Perfect with appetizers or on it’s own. Laced with lots of vibrant red berry flavors and aromas.

Picollo Gavi di Gavi ’14, $19/btl.
– A long-time favorite here at 109. The 2014 bottling is the best I can remember!

Domaine Agape Pinot Blanc ’12, $22/btl.
– This will be the white wine gracing my Easter dinner table. Soooooo food friendly, great texture with an elegant flavor profile.

Silvio Bolmida Barbera d’ Alba ’11 & Chateau Lannessan Haut-Medoc Bordeaux ’02 are two great reds that are begging for meat. Both wines come in at $29 a bottle and deliver an incredible value.

Time to celebrate! Merry Christmas & A Happy Hanukkah

Wow, we can’t believe that the 2014 holiday season is upon us.  We have been crazy busy stocking the shelves with great foodie gifts, amazing new cheeses, charcuterie and all of our usual seasonal favorites. Gift certificates are plentiful, chocolates are begging to be consumed, our new ordering platform is live on our website (order in your PJ’s if you want) and we are good to go.  We are getting in new items every day! Berkboards, our own line of cheese and charcuterie wood boards are also arriving daily.  Greg is in our wine store and has it filled with a collection of some of the finest small producers wines.  If the bottle makes it to our wine store, then you can bet that it also graces our table at home.

Platter orders will be accepted as long as we can keep up.  Bring us your favorite platter and let us design a perfect foodie paradise of cheese and charcuterie.  Don’t have a favorite platter? We can use one of our compostable platters or buy a Berkboard and let us set it up.

At 109 are here to help and make cheese and wine as easy as possible, so give us a call and order your platter or stop in and get some.

Check out photos of some of our favorite holiday goodies

Have a safe and family filled holiday.

Todd, Monica and staff @109

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Roccheviberti 2006


The list of time-honored, truly great vineyards in Barolo is limited to about 15 places. Ranking these sites precisely is very difficult and equally as subjective, so I won’t even attempt. But I doubt that any knowledgeable expert on the subject would not put “Le Rocche di Castiglione Falletto” in the top 5. It really has to be there. In time, if the gradual warming trend continues, some sites that are now in that top 5 that are south facing, which means almost all the others, may have to leave that rarified list as they will cross over to the “slightly too warm” side of the micro climate.

“Le Rocche” however will stay, as it is one of the few truly great sites that is east-southeast facing and considerably cooler than most of the others at that level of recognition. As a result of this exposition, the hallmark style of wines from Le Rocche has always been one of finesse, perfume and balance. The vineyard is highly coveted by all producers in Barolo, but is one of the smaller of the great sites. It is really tiny when compared to Cannubbi or Bussia. One of the largest pieces, a mere 2.5 hectares, is in the hands of Claudio Viberti, whose family has farmed this site for 3 generations as owners and several more prior as sharecroppers. His story like many others’ is familiar, the grandfather and father sold grapes and bulk wine to the big houses and the son wanted to bottle his own wine. So Claudio attended enology school in Alba and Presto! His third vintage (2005) takes a Decanter “Highly recommended”. Although the story in general is familiar, few sons have the chance to do it with a hefty chunk of “Le Rocche”!
Wine making here is traditional –i.e. old school, spontaneous ferments, long-ish macerations (18-25 days) and 26 month aging in 20-25 HL Botte for the Barolo. The style of the resulting wines are also quite traditional in that there are plenty of “autumnal” flavors and aromas including tea, tobacco, leather etc. However they are not very tannic like many old school wines. Total Barolo Production averages 600 cases per year.

A new cheese & wine find from Alsace


A new cheese find from Alsace made in La Lorraine, produced by the monks of the Abbaye de Vergaville, the milk is sourced no more than 10 miles away. Known for having one of the last artisan and locally produced munsters in France. This beautiful cheese named for father Antoine “Tome du Pere Antoine aux fleurs de Sureau”, a mouthful to say. This cow’s milk is washed in an Alsatian Pear Liqueur and then Elderflower is added to the milk. An amazing semi soft, slightly floral, buttery, cheese perfect for summer. Perfect paired with the 2012 Schoech “Sonnenberg” Riesling from Alsace is a delicious wine on it’s own but really comes to life when paired with cheeses or typical Alsatian fare like trout. On the palate, this wine displays great balance of minerality, orchard fruit, citrus and baking spice. At $29 a bottle I consider this a great value and could hold its own against other Rieslings at twice the price!